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ProCol® Vascular Bioprosthesis*
The Solution for AV Access
Models & Specs
ProCol is a bovine mesenteric vein vascular bioprosthesis with numerous clinical publications and presentations showing good outcomes in hemodialysis access since 2000.(2,4,9,10,12,13) ProCol shows 57% and 54% secondary patency at 2 and 3 years, compared to 18% and 10% with ePTFE, in patients with a previously failed synthetic graft.(2)

Compared with ePTFE, ProCol has shown:
• 3.7 times lower relative risk of infection(2)
• 1.4 times lower relative risk of interventions(2)
• 1.7 times lower relative risk of thrombosis(2)

Compared with AVF, ProCol has shown:
• Comparable secondary patency to AVF(5)

Key Benefits:(3)
• Exhibits vascular hysteresis which propagates pulsatile forward flow(3)
• Strength and durability(1)
• Anastomotic compliance
• Minimal needle hole bleeding
• Biocompatible

Unique 1:1 Elastin to Collagen Ratio:
Made from bovine mesenteric vein, ProCol has a high elastin to collagen ratio.
• Propagates pulsatile forward flow(3)
• Pulsatile and compliant(3)

For Redo Patients with Failed AV Graft Who Require a New Access(1-8)
• Hypercoagulable Patient History(3,4,8,13)
• Patients with High Risk of Infection(14)
• Patients Requiring Salvage of Existing Access(13)
• Graft Compliance at Anastomosis

Indications for Use: The ProCol Vascular Bioprosthesis is intended for the creation of a bridge graft for vascular access subsequent to at least one previously failed prosthetic access graft.(14)

*Approved for sale in the United States only.

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(14) ProCol Vascular Bioprosthesis Instructions for Use.

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