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RestoreFlowTM Vascular Allograft*
A Durable Alternative Conduit
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RestoreFlow Allografts provide a high quality allograft tissue using state-of-the-art tissue preservation techniques. These allografts treat a variety of vascular reconstructions such as peripheral bypass, hemodialysis access, and aortic infections.

Key Benefits:
Excellent mobility
Resistant to infection(1,2,3)
Durable alternative(1,2,3)
Accredited by the American Association of Tissue Banks for the processing, storage and distribution of vascular tissue

Saphenous Vein Allografts are an effective alternative conduit for patients requiring secondary peripheral bypass procedures, particularly when autologous conduit tissue is not suitable for use, or for revascularization for critical limb ischemia.
Below the knee bypass
Patients with infected fields(1,2,3)
Patients at risk of infection(1,2,3)

Femoral Vein and Artery Allografts are a preferred conduit for patients with high risk of AV access infections when autologous conduit tissue is not a viable option.
AV Access
Patients with a synthetic graft infection(5)
Patients who are at risk of infection(5)
When a fistula is not possible

Aortoiliac Artery Allografts provide durability and are the ideal solution for infected synthetic grafts, aortoenteric fistulas and mycotic aneurysms.
Infections with gram positive and gram negative pathogens(1,4)
Infections with fungal pathogens(1,4)

*Available for sale in the United States only.

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