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Tru-Incise® Valvulotome*
Flexible, Safe, and Effective
Models & Specs

The Tru-Incise Valvulotome provides the flexibility of interchangeable cutting heads to allow appropriate sizing for varying vessel diameters. When using the Tru-Incise Valvulotome pre-proximal anastomosis, the thru-head irrigation facilitates disruption of the valves with hydrostatic pressure. When introducing a single head from the distal end of the vein post-proximal anastomosis, the irrigation minimizes vessel wall contact during head advancement.
  • Ability to select appropriate sized cutting head to minimize intimal damage
  • Cutting heads designed to prevent vein wall collapse during advancement and withdrawal
  • Four angled blades engage the valves while protecting the intimal wall
  • Device can be moved freely up or down the vein allowing multiple passes at each valve
  • Offers a 360 degree cutting edge and does not require manipulation during valve cutting

*LeMaitre Vascular offers the Tru-Incise Valvulotome in Europe, Canada and Australia. UreSil offers the Tru-Incise Valvulotome in the United States. Tru-Incise is the registered trademark of UreSil, LLC.
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