Cardial® Surgical Glue

GRF - Gelatin Resorcinol Formaldehyde
*LeMaitre Vascular offers the Cardial Surgical Glue in Europe.

Product Instructions for Use

Product Information

Developed for immediate use, this chemical glue, which contains no blood derivatives, has been created specifically for vascular surgery. Supplied in a convenient surgical pack, the glue components are blended at the site of application, saving time and reducing waste. The polymerising agent is introduced via a syringe with polymerisation occurring in just 120 seconds. The result is a stable, dependable glue, ideal for joining dissected vessel layers and reinforcing sutures in acute aortic dissections. 

  • Dissection of vessel layers
  • Suture line support with acute aortic dissections
  • Support of suture lines during cardiac and vascular procedures