LeverEdge® Contrast Injector

Controlled Contrast Delivery

Product Instructions for Use

Product Information

The LeverEdge® Contrast Injector provides a manual operator with complete control. Sterile and disposable, it results in considerable contrast savings. Its patented design injects from .1 to 32 cc of contrast, delivering pressures six times greater(1) than standard syringes. 

Improved Cost Containment 
Institutions using the LeverEdge Contrast Injector experience reduced equipment expenses and power injector use. Contrast usage has been shown to decline by 55 to 68 percent.(2) Use of the LeverEdge Contrast Injector also decreases the number of post-procedure complications and allows imaging to occur right in the OR.

Enhanced Operator Effectiveness
The LeverEdge Contrast Injector is a single-use device that maintains sterility of field and reduces set-up time. It increases control in larger volume applications, is easy to reload, and maintains hemodynamic monitoring. When used in small catheter angiography and small catheter interventions, it results in improved imaging capabilities.

  • Diagnostic imaging in the O.R.
  • Iliac artery stenting
  • Intraoperative imaging for bypass conduits
  • Intraoperative imaging for aortic stent graft procedures
  • Imaging for vena cava filter placement