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Product Training Videos

The training videos below illustrate the recommended usage and show the unique features of many of LeMaitre's products. We offer additional videos on our YouTube Channel.

Play Video AnastoClips being applied to vessel

AnastoClip® - Creation of Arteriovenous Fistula


An interrupted non-penetrating anastomosis significantly improves patency rates compared to a continuous stitch.

Play Video Surgeon using contrast Injector

LeverEdge® - Contrast Delivery


Contrast delivery using the LeverEdge® Contrast Injector provides a manual operator with advanced control. 

Play Video Artegraft Preparation

Artegraft® Preparation


The preparation of the Artegraft® Collagen Vascular Graft for implant. 

Play Video Artegraft Cannulation

Artegraft® Cannulation


Guidelines for cannulation and care of the Artegraft® Collagen Vascular Graft. 

Play Video Artegraft Clinical

Artegraft® Clinical Experience - Dr. McDevitt


Dr. Daniel McDevitt discusses the use of the Artegraft® Collagen Vascular Graft in the creation of vascular access grafts.

Play Video Surgical Tech handing surgeon valvulotome

LeMaitre® Valvulotome - In Situ Bypass Grafting


LeMaitre Vascular offers the LeMaitre® Valvulotome with hydrophilic coating as a single, self-sizing instrument to perform a valvulotomy from the groin to the ankle.

Play Video Creating an anastomosis with ProCol

ProCol® Bioprosthesis - Dr. Gray


A review of a ProCol® Bioprosthesis implanted for AV Access by Dr. John Gray.


We offer additional videos on our YouTube Channel