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LeMaitre is a leading global innovator, manufacturer and marketer of devices, implants and services for the treatment of peripheral vascular disease. We’re proud to provide vascular surgeons with the solutions they need to diagnose and heal their patients.

"LeMaitre products have become integral to all aspects of my vascular practice to help ensure consistently good outcomes for my patients."

- Dr. Nicholas Madden, UPMC Altoona, Pennsylvania


Collaboration Is Fundamental

While LeMaitre is a global company reaching more than 90 countries, we consciously maintain a small-company environment. We don’t believe in layers and bureaucracy. Instead, we encourage teamwork, collaboration across disciplines and decentralized decision-making. The result allows us to better focus our energies on responding to the needs of vascular surgeons and their patients.

Commitment to Innovation

LeMaitre carries on our founder’s dedication to developing better devices for vascular surgeons — Dr. LeMaitre’s valvulotome is now in its seventh generation.

We’ve expanded our product lines through a strategy of acquisition and innovation. Our small-company environment affords us the agility needed to take advantage of acquisition opportunities as they arise. Our highly skilled sales force brings this portfolio of products directly to vascular surgeons in 29 countries. 

Vision for the Future

Our focus remains on meeting the needs and exceeding the expectations of vascular surgeons with disposable and implantable vascular devices for use in both open vascular surgery and minimally invasive procedures. We will continue to expand and further diversify our product portfolio to meet the challenges of the future.