LeMaitre Vascular provides innovative products to vascular surgeons with the goal of improving procedure efficacy and minimizing patient recovery time. Select a category below to learn more.

Device Type


4 Products

AlboGraft Polyester Graft

AlboGraft® Polyester Vascular Graft

Ideal Softness and Sealing

LeverEdge Contrast Injector

LeverEdge® Contrast Injector

Controlled Contrast Delivery

Pruitt Occlusion Catheters

Pruitt® Occlusion & Perfusion Catheters

Safe, Rapid Control of Bleeding

Aortoilliac Artery Graft

RestoreFlow® Vascular Allograft*

A Durable Alternative Conduit

AV Access

3 Products

AnastoClip GC Applier 8cm & 15cm

AnastoClip GC® Closure System

50% Higher Retention Force(1) For a More Secure Anastomosis

Long and Short AnastoClip AC Applier

AnastoClip® AC Closure System

Now Available in 8 cm & 15 cm Lengths

ProCol Graft with Suture

ProCol® Vascular Bioprosthesis

The Solution for AV Access


4 Products

AlboSure  Polyester Vascular Patch

AlboSure® Polyester Vascular Patch

Ideal Softness and Easy to Suture

Image of Flexcel Carotid Shunt

Flexcel™ Carotid Shunt

Increased Flexibility and Flow

Outlying Pruitt F3 Carotid Shunt

Pruitt F3® Carotid Shunts

Cerebral Perfusion with Dual Balloon Occlusion

XenoSure Patch held with forceps

XenoSure® Biologic Vascular Patch

Exceptionally Strong, Uniform & Easy to Suture

General Surgery

1 Product

Forceps holding XenoSure Pledget

XenoSure® Biologic Pledgets

The Biologic Alternative to Synthetic Pledgets

Lower Extremity

11 Products

HYDRO LeMaitre Valvulotome

1.5 mm HYDRO LeMaitre® Valvulotome

Smooth Sailing in Small Vessels(1)

MultiTASC Dissection/Transection Device

EndoRE® Remote Endarterectomy Devices

Restores Your Endovascular Options

LeMaitre Embolectomy Catheters

Clot Management Catheters

Single Lumen and Over-the-Wire in Latex and Silicone

Tru-Incise Valvulotome

EZE-SIT® Valvulotome*

Flexible, Safe, and Effective