Product Information

CardioCel is an acellular, strong, pliable collagen bioscaffold patch with optimized biocompatibility and zero aldehyde toxicity. The collagen bioscaffold patch allows for transformative repair with harmonious healing, providing long-term durability that enables native cells to successfully grow and differentiate through the entire repair.

  •     Require fewer interventions(1)
  •     Have the largest published data over the longest timeframe(1)
  •     Are the first and only to offer 3D bioscaffold 
  •     Improve hospital efficiencies overall(1)

Offered in three versions to address your specific surgical needs:

    CardioCel - for heart repair and reconstruction 

    CardioCel Neo - for more intricate procedures

    CardioCel 3D - shaped for great vessel repair

Product Instructions for Use