Clot Management Catheters

LeMaitre®, NovaSil™, Syntel®, Python® and Latis® Catheters

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A Complete Line of Clot Management Catheters 

This extensive line of clot management catheters includes single lumen and over-the-wire options in both latex and silicone. Additionally, the suite of products offers a specialty line of graft cleaning catheters. 



LeMaitre® Embolectomy Catheter

This significantly stronger catheter reduces frustration and enhances safety. It features 60% stronger, rupture-resistant balloons and 80% stronger catheter bonds.* This allows more force to be applied with less risk.

NovaSil™ Silicone Embolectomy Catheter

This silicone balloon catheter provides a viable option for latex sensitivity.

Syntel® Silicone Embolectomy Catheter

This spring tip catheter features a symmetrical non-fragmenting silicone balloon and tactile feedback.

Syntel® Silicone Thrombectomy Catheter

This catheter features a non-fragmenting silicone balloon and tactile feedback in a larger balloon diameter range.



*Comparative bench top testing performed on the LeMaitre 4F Single Lumen Latex Embolectomy Catheter and the leading competitor’s 4F catheter demonstrated up to 80% stronger balloon bonds and up to 60% stronger balloons.