LeMaitre® Embolectomy Catheters

Single Lumen, Over-the-Wire, and Silicone

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LeMaitre Embolectomy Catheters 
Two types of embolectomy catheters are available: LeMaitre natural latex balloon catheters and NovaSil silicone balloon catheters*. Single lumen catheters use hand-tied balloons that are glued in three areas and pre-stretched for flexibility. These catheters are strong and able to withstand a substantial force before the balloon disengages from the catheter. Balloons are well-centered and resistant to rupture. 

Over-the-Wire embolectomy catheters are also available. These allow for the addition of contrast media to facilitate imaging during fluoroscopy.


*Not made with natural rubber latex.

  • Radiopaque for visibility under fluoroscopy
  • Constructed of pliable material for introduction and passage through vessels that may be difficult to navigate
  • Color-coding for catheter size identification
  • Long shelf life for sterility