Product Information

The Omniflow II vascular prosthesis is a biosynthetic composite of cross-linked ovine collagen with a polyester mesh endoskeleton. The polyester mesh provides strength and durability, designed to resist aneurysm formation(1,2), while the collagen is stabilized, non-antigenic and remains structurally intact for years after implantation. The collagen structure is biocompatible, which encourages rapid incorporation into the host tissue. This leads to revascularization of the wall, which contributes to resistance to infection.(3,4) The wall is impervious to tissue ingrowth in the lumen, assisting long-term patency.(3,4,5) 


  • Long-term Patency(3,4,5)
  • Resistance to Infection(3,4)
  • Ease of Handling(6)

Benefits with Peripheral Revascularization

  • Cuts, trims and shapes with ease
  • Eliminates the need for cuff or jump grafts at distal anastomosis
  • Minimal suture hole bleeding
  • Excellent suture retention

Benefits with AV Access

  • Ease of puncturing(5)
  • Rapid hemostasis with minimal pressure

Product Instructions for Use


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